Cut Away Meditation

by Mary Miller

Before you get started take 3 deep breaths breathing in Peace and Harmony, breathing out negativity and tension. Then start taking deep breaths breathing in Peace and Harmony, breathing out Peace and Harmony.

Taking those nice deep breaths, imagine you are walking into a woods and as you go down the path you see a mist in front of you. Step into the mist. Notice how you feel and any symbols that might be there. Know that at the end of this meditation you will remember what you see and feel. Step through the mist and continue down the path.

(That is what brings us to the Ethereal.)

As you are walking down the path and thinking about the person you will cut away you may see different animals , tell yourself, you will remember them. They will have messages for you about the person or situation you are cutting away.

(You can look them up in the book “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews )

As you continue down the path , taking those nice deep breaths, you see a clearing. In the clearing sitting on the roots of an old Oak Tree are 2 chairs facing each other. Have the persons soul that you are meeting on the inner plane, sit on one chair and your soul sit on the other. See a cord appear from your power spot , that is just above the navel, connecting to their power spot.

As you sit on the chair connected, see all the wonderful things you know about this person. Anything that you can think of that is good. Remember you are attached to their soul. The soul is pure. It will not argue or disagree. Their soul will be grateful for your positive thoughts. Now imagine you are thanking them for those good things.

( Take about 1 or 2 minutes for this.)

Now , imagine this person is thinking about all the good things they know about you and it is visible how much you are appreciated by them. Imagine them thanking you.

(Take 1 or 2 minutes for this.)

Now see all the negative things about this person. As you are looking at how they hurt you, try to see what brought them to this behavior. Not to forget what they did but to understand how to forgive them. Look at any and all feelings of negativity. Even the pushed down little things. They will not disagree or argue as you look at these infractions . You are looking at these things through the eyes of your souls. The soul is pure. Just let it all come up.

( Keep looking for about 3 or 4 minutes.)

Now .....Forgive them.

Now... Forgive yourself for letting them treat you this way. For letting this happen.

Now, ask the Archangel Michael to help you cut the cord between you and see their soul disappear like a balloon letting out air.

3 Different endings

  1. Let them stay gone and get up and walk back the same path that put you in the woods and back through the mist opening your eyes.
  2. Have them sit back down and re-attach the cord in Friendship walking out of the woods and back through the mist on separate paths opening your eyes.
  3. Have them sit back down and re_attach the cord in love and walk out of the woods and back through the mist together opening your eyes.