Mary's Blog

Prayers for you etc. For over 15 years I studied under the Seraph Julian. An extraordinary Angel , channeled through June Burke in New York. June now lives on the other side. Julian and June have guided me to Place some prayers in my news Cache. Please feel free to use them.

I was raised Catholic and still believe in the Dogma of the church, though for me the churches early dogma. Not the revised situation. God in whatever form you believe, is LOVE. God gives us opportunity to grow our love every day. We have the free will to choose that. If you like Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Judaism, Christianity etc. All of it stems from Love. Religion for me is not what fits in a box.

Every day , I personally send light to The earth, All people living on it and all Animals that share it with us. I ask my creator to care for us and guide us.

I also start my day with my healing list knowing what is right and perfect will happen to all on that list, will be. Thy will is my will.

You all have angels with you. Call on them. They love you . I love you more. ❤❤❤❤