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Mercury Retrograde.. Mercury Retrograde Feb. 17th through March 10 Mercury Retrograde effects short term travel, communication, automobile's, technology and contracts. That is unless you were born under a retrograde. Then you are more able to handle the potential issues much better than the rest of us and in some ways are not effected at all or in a more positive way.Travel- Keep your eyes open for the crazy drivers. Make a list if you are going on a trip and make sure you check things off. If flying, take your essentials on board. Things can easily be lost. Don't be shocked by cancelled flights or delays. Just be more patient.

Communication- Choose your words carefully. Retrogrades last 3 weeks so we still need to communicate. Perfect time to be mis understood. Keep your apology handy. We often become frustrated with people we usually get along with well. This is truly when a person born under a retrograde can thrive.

Technology- Yikes. Then is where we live now. Computers, TV's , Cellphones. They will not be dependable. They are the center-point to communication.The big break downs and break ins to networks are often during these challenging times.It is definitely job security for those born under a retrograde.

Contracts- Just don't sign them. They won't work. Look things over and then sign 1 or 2 days after the end of the retrograde. Again this is where being born under a retrograde is wonderful.

Now lets talk abut what is positive in a retrograde: Clean your closets. You will not throw away what you need later. It is a great time to end things, reflect, set goals. You can find lost items. You may run into friends from your past re-connect. See old clients or old employers will often come bac k in a positive way. Finish that old project..

Polish up the old idea. Find the flaws and make it a great idea.

This is a great time to go over old idea in a business meeting and make it a new idea with a solution. Solutions will come for old problems. Best thing about a retrograde. Corruption is exposed during a retrograde. I Retrogrades reveal Focus on the positive of this retrograde .