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A day in the life: Mary Miller, psychic by JULIE ANNE LONG Rockford Squire (newspape DOWN-TO-EARTH PSYCHIC - Mary Miller gives psychic reader in Grand Rapids as well as past-life regressions.

Mary Miller has had psychic abilities since she was a child, but did not actively use her abilities until she was in her 30s.


"I have memories as a child of flying around my backyard or talking to bears. I realize now that I was having out-of-body experiences and communing with spirit guides. I'm lucky, because I told my mother about these things and she didn't nix them out of me," explained Miller.

As Miller grew older, the gifts she was born with went on the back burner. However, in her early 30s she began delving into her spirituality and found it hard to ignore the abilities she clearly had.

"I started doing readings for friends, but it was a while before it became a career," said Miller. She now offers psychic readings at Open Mind in downtown Rockford every other weekend, along with doing past-life regressions for groups or individuals. Miller describers herself as both clairvoyant and audiovoyant: she is able to see pictures in her mind and hear advice from spirit guides. She is also a medium, though she cautions that not all psychics are mediums.

And while she has been given many gifts, Miller openly admits that she never gives a reading that is 100 percent correct. "I don't believe any reading is ever totally correct, but from the feedback I've gotten over the years, I would say that I have 95% accuracy," said Miller.

Readings can differ from person to person, according to Miller.

"I touch on emotions, not directed thinking. Personalities have to play into the picture," she explained.

She has been visited by a skeptic or two over the years, but she doesn't let it get her down.

"My experience is: if a person is a skeptic when they come to see me, they're not when they leave," she said.

One memorable skeptic was a young man who questioned Miller about alternate dimensions. Miller answered all of his questions - in Latin.

The man was able to transcribe all of Miller's responses and have them translated by his Latin teacher at school.

"I think the spirits spoke in Latin because he was taking Latin at school," she explained. Miller has also channeled spirits who speak Hawaiian and an African language that is comprised mostly of clicking sounds.

"I view that as confirmation, in a sense," said Miller, who can't fake accents in her waking life. "It shows that I'm not just a very creative soul."

When involved in a reading, she gets bits of information from her spirit guides. According to Miller, various spirit guides have come and gone over the years, though her Master Guide is from Atlantis and has been with her over 30 years.

"It took me three years to become clear on her name," she laughed. She uses tarot cards to facilitate the flow of information during a reading. "If I use the cards, I can give someone so much more information in 30 minutes than if I didn't," explained Miller.

She considers herself to be a "down-to-earth psychic."

"I'm here to work in this dimension and I want to help people," said Miller. "If you want to know about death, you're not going to hear it from me. Ethically, it's not right to deliver a message of death."

However, that doesn't mean that Miller knowingly keeps bad news from people.

"A reading is a tool to use, a challenge to accept. Nothing is set in stone. So, if I see a car accident coming or maybe lung cancer, I give suggestions to people that they examine certain areas of their life," said Miller.

She is able to turn off her abilities, what she calls her "third eye," whenever she feels the need to do so.

"I can absolutely turn it off. I have to. I do have an occasional insight when I'm not trying to, but it only happens when someone is completely open to me. It's soul-to-soul recognition," she explained.

According to Miller, everyone has some level of psychic ability. "We all have spirit guides and we communicate with them, even if we don't know we're doing it," said Miller.

A good way to commune with spirit guides is meditation, though she says the real key is being open.

Moments of deja vu, which may ordinarily be dismissed, are generally memories of a past life or a premonition.

There are also times when we meet a new person for the first time and feel uneasy for no reason. According to Miller, that can be one of two things. "Either that person has a very young soul and is on a bad path and you can tell that," she said, "or you know them from a past life. You could be shaking hands with someone that killed you at Auschwitz."

In the end, she is aware that not everyone will take stock in her trade. However, to Miller, that's neither here nor there.

"If you believe, it's true," she said.

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